Frédérika Demmery, Creator.


Born in Madagascar , I was imbued from an early age with diverse cultures and especially with the magic of Africa. In this multi-cultural melting pot, my passion for « ethno-history » of the symbolism was awakened.


My jewels' origin finds its creative thread in the beads « Vato Velona » which means true stones in Malgache because each stone has its own meaning. I learnt through the initiation of a « sikidi » their curing power and their protective effect.


When I was a child, my father used to take us trekking with my brother and sister, in the discovery of the various ethnic groups, their culture and art which were anchored into symbolism and magic.


These journeys gave me the taste for travel and the desire to approach the other one and the wish to learn who he is through his own particular culture.


From this childhood anchored in the magic comes my passion for talismans, the soul of stones, beads and coulours. As well my passion for textiles led me to weave into my travels – India, Nepal, Madagascar, Central Asia, Europe- marvellous  encounters, dazzled looks, mixed traditions which enrich me and are a constant source of inspiration. To all of these I intend to be witness through my creations.


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